Successful (Pre) Sales: It’s a Relay, not a Sprint


In my 20s, I was considered a high performer.
By myself, mostly.

I put everything into my presales game.
In-depth research, diligent discovery, kick-ass presentations.
Pulled in many experts to optimize my presales touchpoint.

One day, a customer drops me an email. Angelique. Her company builds energy metering devices. Little clocks on dirty pipelines. I worked hard to help win them.

My eyes jog through the lines. Stop on “very disappointed”. Implementation project “failed”. Design “far away” from what we discussed during presales.

If I knew the implementation manager?
I don’t.

If I explained him my presales design?
I didn’t.

Ran the wrong race.
I ran a 400m sprint.
In a 4x400m contest.

I celebrated myself for my sprint performance. Arms thrown up in the air. While others were waiting for me handing-over the baton.

Have been practicing hard since then. Preparing as a team. Exercising transitions. Owning the race as a team.

Since my 30s, I did not let Angelique down again.

I started Pathfinder Consulting ( to help presales organizations running the right race, and running it right.

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