Who I am

Steffen Müller

Your Presales Business Coach

I have over 15 years of experience in presales and consulting of top-tier tech companies such as Salesforce and Accenture. I have also worked in many different presales situations from strategic opportunities, over global key accounts, to leading the go-to-market strategy. I bring your presales to the next level.

I connect the board room and the engine room, from strategy to operations. I am from the presales field.

The Roles I play


We assess where your presales organization stands today. My experience helps to determine your maturity.


We develop a vision of where your presales should be, and find the path of getting there. My expertise in strategy helps to facilitate this process.


We find the levers that will make your organization succeed. The entirety of my focus helps to find the right people, processes, and platforms.

What I do

Why Steffen?

Your Presales Business Coach

There is no shortcut to success. There is no blueprint for excellence. Every organization is special. I can tell, I have seen many. I know what makes and breaks presales organizations. I am here to find your path to excellence.


Worked in tech consulting, strategic presales opportunities, global key accounts, and led go-to-market strategies.


Worked in 1-many, 1-few, and 1-1 account contexts, from RFP-driven to Global Key Accounts.


I connect the boardroom and the engine room, from strategy to operations. I am from the presales field.

My Mission

Why Pathfinder Consulting?

I built Pathfinder Consulting to improve the state of the world. How so? Ethical tech companies can make the world better. Strong presales will make tech companies better. I make presales better, sustainably.

There is a gap in presales-specific organizational development, thought leadership, and guidance. Pathfinder Consulting is going to fill this gap.

Contact me to find your path to presales excellence

Get in touch

Frankfurt region, Germany

Mail: steffen.mueller@pathcon.tech

We find your path to presales excellence. Together.
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