Empowering SaaS Presales Leaders with the strategy and guidance to develop impactful, sustainable, and scalable organizations that don't need heroes. 


I built Pathfinder Consulting around the idea of developing SaaS presales organizations into the high performing growth engine of their companies.

Presales is one of the most complex, underrated, and amazing professions in tech. It requires know-how in technology, industries, and business. Skills in engineering, design, and communication. Presales is a craft and an art at the same time. Developing a Presales practice that leverages all these dimensions is hard.

I’m there to help. Find the right path with you.

Why me?

  • Experience: 15 years in Presales and Consulting of top tier tech companies such as Salesforce and Accenture.
  • Expertise: Worked in 1-many, 1-few, and 1-1 account contexts, from RFP-driven to Global Key Accounts.
  • Entirety: I connect the board room and the engine room, from strategy to operations. I am from the field.

Steffen Müller, Presales Business Coach