How to better ask questions


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Truth is:
Most of us are okay at it.
Some of us are pretty bad.
Few of us are really great.


Imagine business.
You are a #Presales#Leader discussing with your team.
Or you are a #SolutionsEngineer running #discovery with your customers.

You want facts.
But they answer opinions.
You want analysis.
But they recall facts.

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Might be the words you use in your questions.
They trigger different ways of thinking.

Take ????????????????????’???? ???????????????????????????????? as an example.
Bloom classified 6 hierarchical levels of the cognitive domain.
(Originally as a framework for categorizing educational goals.)

Question verbs can be attributed to each level.
Signals. Triggers.

I bet this can help asking questions better, too.
Strategically. Deliberately.

What you think?

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