Why First Call Decks are Paint-by-Numbers

First Call Decks. FCDs.

👍 Great help. If you neither know your product, nor your prospect. It’s paint-by-numbers.

👎 Poison to your presales practice. If you do know your product and your customer – and still use FCDs. In third calls.



(1) You bore your customer (with your generic pitch and lengthy company genesis that’s somewhere on the internet anyway).
(2) You signal you are not capable (enough to build a value proposition that is tailored to your customer).
(3) You signal you don’t care (enough to put in effort).

Now, what?

(A) Learn your product. Its strengths. Its limitations.
(B) Discover your customer. Anticipate their problems. Verify what value means to your customer.
(C) Be creative. Use #ZeroBS language. Visualize value.

Move your FCD to the appendix.

No more paint-by-numbers.
Be a true artist.

Picture courtesy: printablee.com

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