Why to put SALES back into PRESALES

Put “sales” back into “presales”!

Hands down: we presales pride ourselves on being not-sales.
Independent. Customer advocates. Technical experts.

Well, we are!

But too often we forget presales remains a sales element after all.


When we think “presales enablement”, …
…we think research
…we think discovery
…we think demo

We tend to miss…
…sales methodologies
…communication skills
…creativity techniques


Regarding the sales methodologies.
It’s not bad to study, train, and practice how to sell.
Especially as a presales pro.

Quite the opposite.

Source: Winning by Design

You HAVE to master this.
Because your CUSTOMER needs you to own this skill.


You will meet…

…customers that know what they need, and why.
…customers that know their problem, but lack a solution.
…customers that not quite understand their problem.
…customers that don’t see they have a problem.

Each of the scenarios requires a different (pre) sales methodology.
A different playbook, a different way to do your presales magic.

#Leaders, bake this in your #presalessystem.
#SEs, embrace it.

No reservations.

Common ground for all methodologies: good intent and a value-driven presales mindset.

(1) Put in the work.
(2) Show you care.
(3) Earn your right to speak.
(4) When you speak: be relevant, be truthful.

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