The Hand Pump Problem in Presales


I didn’t own a bike in the last 10 years.

Learned to hate cycling when I was a kid.

Tires were flat most of the time.
I had to pump up the tires every second ride.

It would take 10 minutes. Most of the air wouldn’t enter the tire. Hiss… Not that this hand pump would create muh pressure anyway. I would pump a little, press my thumb into the tire to check the pressure. Pump again. Valve closing would fall down and roll into a joint between the cobblestones in our driveway. While I was searching for the valve: hiss…

My arms hurt after I was done pumping.
My ego, too.

But like every other 8-year old I was creative.
I found great excuses not to use the bike.

At one point I convinced myself I hated riding bikes.
In general.

So I didn’t for most of my adult life.

Until my daughter grew into a kid who loves cycling.
So I got myself a bike.
Let my daughter choose one in the store. (It’s a Pegasus cause she liked the “unicorn” on the frame.)

Well. I love it.


The freestanding pump I bought with it…

I only pump up the tires every 7th ride.
When I do, it’s super fast.
Put it on, click, push 8 times, done.
No hiss…

Last Sunday, my daughter and I cycled to the duck lake.
We do that every Sunday now.

You had hand pump moments in your presales practice recently?

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