Knowing is cool. Sharing even better.


If you knew stuff, you got punched in the face. Early school memories. It was cool not to know. Not to care. Not to share.

Later at work: knowledge meant power. Box it, put it away from others to steal. Most depressing, depriving, demotivating state for open minds.

As a rookie with much too little knowledge you develop skills to survive.

1️⃣ Self-starting: put in the work.
2️⃣ Ask well-weighted questions to the right person at the right time for optimal impact.
3️⃣ Proactively share your own thoughts – to motivate others sharing theirs. #butterflyeffect
4️⃣ Cautiously grow alliances with like-minded that share, teach, and learn. Due diligence obligatory.

Times changed. Culture changed. Luckily.

There’s a lot of content out there today. Still many great minds struggle with number 3.

Number 3 is hard.
Exposing yourself is hard.
Pressing ENTER is hard.

What if what I know is trivial?
What will others think of me?
Who am I to put this out there?

I feel this barrier is even greater in tech-ish professions.
Solutions Engineering, specifically.

That’s about to change, too. There’s a huge SE alliance now.
98% of you know it: PreSales Collective.

Knowing good stuff is cool.
Sharing good stuff even greater.

For the other 2%: links below.


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