Better Storytelling: What to learn from a princess with a tool belt


Dec-23, 2020. Lockdown in Germany. Chilly outside, but warm enough for rain.

Nora (5) and Marius (1) have been inside all day. Marius just discovered how to walk. And break stuff.

Perfect recipe for trouble.

We decide to lift the general TV ban. Preemptive de-escalation.

???? “You want to watch Little Lord Fauntleroy, Nora?” (Christmas-evergreen in Germany.)
???????? “What’s that?”
???? “Little funny boy makes old grumpy man be nice.”
???????? “Mh. No girls in it?”
???? “Erm.. No.”
???????? “Then no, thanks.”

On TV days, Nora can watch cartoons for 30mins. This movie is 3.5 times that length. She said no.

Dec-24. Christmas eve. I read Nora from her new book. A special book. Tales remastered.

Princess wears a tool belt. Climbs a snowy mountain, crosses a field of swords, sails the sea. All to save the cute prince from the witch. Princess wins. Stays friends with the prince. No wedding. Parents are proud of her.

Nora didn’t blink. I close the book. She’s beaming.

Dec-25, lunch. Nora retells the story. Mountain, field of swords, sea. Prince save. Princess can continue doing her thing. “Cool gal.”

I’m not blinking.

Stories shape who we are.
Where we see our place in the world.
Our identity.

You need to tell better stories.
We all have to.

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