White Ponys Make the Difference


“Papa, are you working?” A light but determined voice fills my home office. I swivel around. My six-year-old girl with her whipping pony tail, proudly presenting the gap in her smile. Arms on her hips.

“Ha. You’re not in a call. I can see no faces on the screen!”

She is convinced my job is talking to people on my computer all day.

Which is about half right.

“I’m building an app, dear.”
“Uh huh. Can you show me how?”

My mind looks for an excuse not to engage. Between ‘I don’t have time’, and ‘We’ll do that later’ there’s some ‘Nah, that’s boring anyway’. …when, in that second, I hear myself say: “Sure, hop on. I’ll show you.”

Firing up the UI. Opening the mobile app I worked on for the demo tomorrow. “Papa, it’s just text and buttons. No pictures.” What she means: “THIS is what you do all day? Seriously?”

Boom. Now, what?

Talk about API-led integration of backend data?
AI-driven recommendations?
Seamless transition from desktop to mobile?

No. My audience here couldn’t care less.

Click. Tick-tick. Enter. Tick-tick-tick-tick. Enter. Click. Control-C. Click. Click-Click. Control-V. Click.

“Woooow, papa!!” Her face is one big smile. “I love it! How’d you do THAT?!”

This is what I do all day.
(At least I try.)

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