The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf – A Sales Tale


Once upon a time, there was a salesman who used to take his flock of leads to the pipeline plains to graze on the fresh green grass.

Sitting there, he had no executive meetings the whole day.

One day, an idea struck him.

To overcome his ACV gap, he cried out, “Buyer! Buyer!”

All the presales consultants came running with their demos, POVs, slides – and to their dismay found no buyer! The salesman shrugged his shoulders.

Again after a few days, he cried out, “Buyer! Buyer!” and the presales consultants again came running up the hill only to find that the salesman had fooled them.

He sighed and shrugged his shoulders, seeing that he had succeeded in gaining their support again.

However, this time, the presales consultants were very angry, and they told him that the next time he cries out for help, they would not come.

Next day when his flock of leads were grazing, he suddenly saw a buyer.

He cried out aloud “Buyer! Buyer!” But alas! No one came to demo the solution.

The salesman returned home crying only with few of his leads. The buyer had taken away one of his leads, and few of his leads had fled.

From that day onwards, he promised always to qualify sincerely.

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